Why is it necessary to remove all jewelry at night?

Spring is the time of year when you especially want to wear jewelry. We are not talking about minimalist pendants and neat nails, but entire jewelry ensembles that become the main highlight of the entire look. They really play an important role in creating and completing an outfit. Therefore, you should not ignore them.

However, all jewelry must be removed at night. There are several reasons for this. First of all, earrings can damage the skin behind the ear, and rings can disrupt blood circulation. Secondly, the jewelry itself may be deformed. And by the way, that’s not all. The third reason was expressed by Alexander Sheps in an interview. It turns out that the strongest chakra areas of a person are located on the wrists, neck and fingers.

Jewelry absorbs all negative energy and at night the material needs to get rid of it. Psychics assure that if you do not remove the jewelry, all negativity can enter the person, as he does not control his body in the dream. Of course, it is everyone’s decision to believe or not.

Source: People Talk

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