In Italy, a new law allows anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics

Parliament has approved a law from Giorgia Meloni’s far-right party, which allows anti-abortion groups to influence clinic patients.

A new reactionary law in Giorgia Meloni’s Italy. Parliament has just adopted a provision allowing anti-abortion activists to access clinics where pre-abortion consultations are organised.

Access to abortion increasingly difficult in Italy

This decision follows measures already taken by several regions led by the far right, allowing funding for groups wishing to infiltrate abortion clinicswho provide women with a certificate confirming their desire to terminate a pregnancy.

If Giorgia Meloni had promised not to change the law that allows access to abortion, having an abortion in Italy is becoming increasingly difficult. This is due to the growing number of doctors who refuse to practice it, for moral or religious reasons. Furthermore, in the Marche region, led by Meloni’s party, Brothers of Italy, access to the abortion pill is limited.

An alarming signal according to Italian left-wing parties. For Elly Schleinleader of the center-left Democratic Party, the main opposition group, this measure is one “serious attack on women’s freedom”. While Luisa Rizzitellisaid the women’s rights activist Caretaker : “ This measure may seem like a small thing, but symbolically it is very strong and serious: the government is giving a clear signal that it wants to do everything possible to convince women to change their minds. »

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