What should we eat to be successful before exams?

Anyone who has gone through an exam period at school or university remembers how stressful it was. And we did not yet know that the real alarm was only ahead. But let’s not talk about sad things. If you are about to take final exams or a session this year, do not rush to add yourself to the list of failures. Remember that exams test not only your knowledge but also your intuition, creativity and luck. Therefore, as the editorial office, we recommend that we do not focus on this period, but approach it with special attention. Still, one day even exams won’t make your heart beat faster.

But we do not recommend that you approach this in a completely impartial way. And in general, we recommend that you start preparing for exams with lifestyle changes; that is, by adding foods to your diet that will improve memory and help you become smarter. We tell you what foods you can and cannot eat during this period.

What foods should you eat while preparing for exams?

In general, people fall into two types: Some can’t eat more than once a day during exams, while others can’t get up from the refrigerator and snack shelf. There is no right choice between these two types of nutrition during a stressful time. It is generally accepted that eating while preparing for exams should be food for the mind rather than the stomach. Therefore, pay attention to a balanced diet, which should include the following products.

Fish. Nutritionists believe that when preparing for exams, the internal (and not only) question “fish or chicken” should be answered first. It and all seafood contain zinc, which helps improve memory. Therefore, it is better to add more fish to your diet instead of sleeping with a ticket the night before exams.

Red and green vegetables. Let’s start with the fact that vegetables are very good for health in principle, but especially during exam periods.
They contain a variety of plant compounds, including carotenoid pigments, which have been shown to improve mental performance.

Berries and citrus fruits. It is good to take exams during the period when the first fruits appear, which can help improve brain activity and maintain brain health. Citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits, may help improve memory and may also prevent decline in mental development by protecting nerve cells from damage.

Chocolate. No matter what anyone says, the best thing about preparing for exams is the opportunity to eat chocolate at any time of the day. And without any remorse, because it’s all for the good. It can help reduce mental fatigue, improve blood flow to the brain, as well as improve memory and reaction time to mental tasks. That’s right, chocolate should be bitter, not milky.

Eggs. They contain substances associated with the improvement of visual and mental functions. However, to reap the potential benefits of eggs in improving brain function, you should eat the whole egg, not just the egg white. A study in 19 children and adolescents found that eating egg yolks was associated with faster learning, memory and attention compared to egg whites.

What foods should you not eat while preparing for exams?

Many people find themselves cheat eating for a week (or more) in an effort to cope with stress while preparing for exams. However, it cannot be said that this decision is correct. On the contrary, eating this way will only make your stress and anxiety worse.

Fast food. A cheeseburger, sandwich, and pizza may brighten up a day spent entirely studying for grades, but trust me, it’s not worth it. Such foods cause addiction, similar to drugs, and directly inhibit the production of endorphins – the hormone of happiness, which negatively affects our psycho-emotional state, which is not good during exams.

Sugar. If your only pleasure during the exam period is not looking at the calorie count of your meal, welcome to our club. Believe me, The Fashion Vibes editors rarely see sweets like they do in December — during the period of deadlines and reporting shut downs (which is much worse than a session). But what to do if the inner voice constantly says “Eat more chocolate”? The result is facial rashes and a constant feeling of numbness. Do we need it?

Coffee. Many people associate exams with sleepless nights and drinking liters of coffee to cheer them up afterwards. But anyone who takes too much caffeine at once knows that it causes anxiety. And believe me, it is very difficult to stay productive in such a situation.

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