“He doesn’t help at all”: Zhanna Friske’s sister spoke harshly about the father of her two-year-old daughter

37-year-old singer Natalya Friske is raising her daughter Luna alone. The sister of the late star stated in her personal microblog that the girl’s father was not at all involved in her life.

Natalia Friske. Photo: social networks

The former lead singer of the band “Brilliant” became pregnant in 2022 using the in vitro fertilization procedure. She separated from the child’s father before her daughter was even born. However, Friske does not demand anything from her ex.

Subscribers asked Natalya for details, to which Natalya responded rather harshly: “He does not communicate with Luna, does not help in any way. And he’s just a donor! That’s the important thing!” Apparently, this topic is painful for the artist, so he made it clear that he does not intend to discuss this topic.

Natalia is the daughter of Friske Luna. Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that the singer experienced three missed pregnancies and one unsuccessful in vitro fertilization in her marriage with Sergei Vshivkov. The celebrity admitted that she has a few more frozen embryos in case she decides to become a mother for the second time.

Now Zhanna Friske’s sister is recovering at home after surgery – she underwent breast surgery, stitched diastasis and corrected her shape. The procedure took six hours instead of the expected four hours. Read about it here.

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