“On her own initiative”: Alexandra Trusova shared the details of her breakup with Mark Kondratyuk

19-year-old figure skater Alexandra Trusova shared details about her personal life. In a conversation with Alexander Enbert on behalf of Okko Sport, the ice star talked about his separation from the winner of the 2022 Games team tournament as part of the Russian national team Mark Kondratyuk.

The athletes seemed happy to many people. The couple traveled together and shared vivid photos from their vacation. Apparently the man decided to end the relationship.

Alexandra Trusova and Mark Kondratyuk. Photo: social networks

According to Trusova, they broke up a long time ago. “We left on his initiative. People want to see positivity, but my trust limit has dropped even further. Many people who say “I love you, I love you” devalue the concept of “love”. “It’s easier for me to live alone,” said the Beijing Olympics silver medalist.

But Alexandra was not alone for long – she again found happiness in her personal life. The athlete is dating figure skater Makar Ignatov.

Let’s remember that they started talking about the romance between Trusova and Kondratyuk after the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Later, Alexandra left Eteri Tutberidze for coach Svetlana Sokolovskaya, with whom Mark also trained. However, in September of the following year, it became known that the couple broke up and Alexandra broke up with the coach. Meanwhile, Trusova has been training with Tutberidze again since February.

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