Your own stylist: 5 pairs of shoes every man should own

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Who can you meet most often between the rails in stores? There is no trick to the question, of course, because the answer is clear: women. For us it is therapy or sport; finding the most fashionable sweatshirt or finding the exact shoes on the wish list. Males usually live in the ottoman territory (if any) or obediently follow their soul mate or girlfriend, playing the role of a suitable hanger-on and bodyguard. We do not support this approach because appearance really matters not only for women but also for men.

And often, the first thing that catches your eye when meeting a man is, oddly enough, shoes. Yes, the rule is as old as the world, but you can tell from the shoes whether a person takes care of himself and his appearance and whether he knows how to take care of himself. That’s why today we decided to dot the i’s and put together the ideal shoe sole that every man should have in his wardrobe. Salamander brand and its spring-summer advertising campaign, which includes all current models of the men’s shoe collection, will help us in this regard. By the way, the face of the campaign was Milos Bikovich, who can rightfully be called one of the most stylish actors. In our humble opinion they got a 100% match. Now let’s move from theory to practice and figure out what kind of shoes you should buy when shopping.

Sneakers are the foundation of any men’s wardrobe. It’s hard to argue with this fact. And before you run out to buy a pair like the next rapper, we recommend you stop, take a breath, and remember that quality matters over quantity. Salamander sneakers are made from genuine leather, meaning they will last a long time and can be worn in all seasons (except winter, of course). As for color, we recommend that you first buy products in white or black tones that can be easily combined with anything.

We have solved the universal pair, now let’s move on to the model with the “accent” sign. Suede sneakers are perfect for any look, even a formal one, if you can’t go wrong with the color. For a basic wardrobe, we recommend choosing brown, black or beige color pairs. They will make the image sophisticated and will not attract all attention to themselves. By the way, caring for suede shoes is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to purchase special protective spray and brush.

Did you know that sneakers were originally created for athletes? And they were especially popular among basketball players because they anatomically followed the structure of the leg, were well ventilated, and weighed little. Today, sneakers have entered the category of universal shoes. Since previous models were neutral, sneakers can be chosen in different shades. Our favorite is blue.

In addition to classic pairs, every self-respecting man must have shoes “for special occasions” in his wardrobe (read: when you do not think about the appearance and need to somehow dilute the plain bottom and top). In such cases, sneakers with accent soles are suitable. They unify the base in the form of shapes and patterns, but at the same time add an interesting detail to the image in the form of colored inserts.

The shoes were originally designed for yachtsmen and feature rubber soles and a waterproof upper because the deck was not designed for walking. Boat shoes have now become a must-have for daily looks. And yes, you do not need to buy a vest, as this model is universal and will suit everyone. You can even wear it with a suit (but only ironically).

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