What kind of lion is this tiger: Pavel Durov told how he encountered armed bandits

Pavel Durov. Photo: Getty Images

The creator of popular local social networks Telegram and VK gave a long interview to journalist Tucker Carlson. Pavel Durov in particular told how they tried to rob him on the street.

Durov was returning to his hotel after meeting with Twitter founder Jack Jerseyy in San Francisco. At that time, three young people tried to take Pavel Durov’s phone.

“I was attacked, I did not want to give my phone, they did not expect resistance, a fight broke out, there was even some blood, but I managed to escape,” said Pavel Durov. He added that this was the only time someone tried to rob him on the street.

Pavel Durov’s interview with Tucker Carlson lasted about an hour. The journalist published this on his channel. Father Telegram published the announcement of the material on his page the day before. He noted that as the leader of a politically neutral platform, he had to communicate with journalists representing different political views. Also, Durov said that interviews in video format are rare for him.

Source: People Talk

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