Sydney man carries out stabbing attack ‘focused on women’

An attacker launched a stabbing attack on a crowd at a Sydney shopping center on Saturday 13 March. He especially targeted women.

Mass femicide? A knife attack left six dead, including five women, and many injured in a busy Sydney shopping center on Saturday 13 April. Australian police said on Monday they were investigating the attacker’s reasons for primarily targeting women.

“The attacker avoided the men”

“It is clear to me, and to the investigators, that this is a point of interest: the attacker focused on the women and avoided the men”commented the police commissioner regarding the murderer, Joel Cauchi, a 40-year-old man suffering from mental disorders.

“The videos speak for themselves, no, and for us it is certainly a lead for the investigation” he told national television channel ABC.

Indeed, videos shared on social networks show that the attacker mainly attacks women in the shopping center located in Bondi Junction.

However, the commissioner was cautious, recalling that the police cannot know precisely what happened in the killer’s head. “This is why it is important that investigators dedicate time to questioning those who know him”.

According to his Facebook profile, the attacker was from Toowoomba, near Brisbane. His parents claimed that he had suffered from mental illness since he was a teenager and described his abilities as: “truly horrible”showing their solidarity with the victims and their loved ones.

“We are still trying to understand what happened”, they said in a statement. They also spoke to the policewoman who ultimately shot the attacker. “He was just doing his job to protect others and we hope he does well.”

The profile of the victims

Among the six victims of this attack are a young Chinese woman, a Sydney University student, a fashion designer, a surf lifesaving volunteer, the daughter of an entrepreneur and a young mother whose seriously injured nine-month-old baby he is in hospital. She handed over her bleeding little daughter to strangers before being rushed to hospital, where she unfortunately died from her injuries.

The one man killed worked as a security guard. There are also eight people hospitalized, mostly women, as well as four injured people who were taken out of danger.

While the country mourns, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese spoke publicly on ABC radio. “The gender of the victims is obviously worrying,” he insisted, promising a police investigation “business suit”.

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