It’s all about the jacket: Michael Jackson’s representatives accuse auction of fake

Michael Jackson Photo: Getty Images

According to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s officials accused the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house of misleading buyers.

The reason for the accusation was the description of the jacket in the legendary “Thriller” video. In it, the company does not provide complete information about the product. Michael Jackson never wore a leather jacket at auction. There were only two actual jackets in existence at the time of filming, and one has already sold for almost two million dollars. Representatives of the King of Pop are seriously concerned about the auction house’s announcement because it could mislead the public and lead fans to believe that the actual jacket from the “Thriller” video has lost significant value.

Previously, legendary artist Paris Jackson, Prince Blanket Jackson III and Prince Jackson’s children appeared in public for the first time after a long time. The Heirs was seen at the Prince Edward Theater in London.

Source: People Talk

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