Isabel Marant has brought out her controversial wedge sneakers and TikTok fashionistas are fans

Created in 2011, copied everywhere to the point of becoming outdated, these wedge sneakers have been brought back onto the market since 2021. Since then, many fashionistas have managed to bring them back into fashion, especially on TikTok.

No one could forget them. They marked the collective retina with their large, improbable and extremely comfortable sole.

Initially launched in 2011, these 7.5cm wedge sneakers called Bekett initially met with divisive success, worn on the streets by everyone in the world as well as Beyoncé. in his music video Love first of all (500 million views currently).

As a result, they have been endlessly copied by luxury competitors and fast fashion brands who love to make copies of bestsellers.

The high price of being the creator of an ugly shoe

The creator of Bekett is none other than Isabel Marant, one of the rare female artistic directors in French fashion, at the helm of her own independent house since 1994. Precisely because he has always known how to dress real women, without ever fantasizing about them too much, hence his commercial success (but not necessarily critical, misogyny obliges…).

Obviously, the omnipresence of these sneakers that deliberately cultivate a taste for ugliness soon aroused disgust, and therefore a progressive inadequacy, even disgusting the creator herself by seeing her cash cow copied with more or less subtlety. She noted this publicly to the media Cuttingin 2014:

“They’ve become something super vulgar, to the point that I almost don’t want to be identified as the creator of platform sneakers anymore. It was something I did and was very happy with. In a few years maybe the situation will calm down and I will be able to take responsibility for being the cause again, and it will be positive. In fact, when I finished them, I immediately knew that I had made them and that I had designed something significant: I feel this most of the time when I have achieved a future success, when something is copied.

How TikTok is repopularizing the controversial Isabel Marant wedge sneakers

But almost ten years later, Isabel Marant updates them by making them even more voluminous and taller, above all thanks to a very large sole as is popular in the current era. Dubbed Balskee, this updated version fits right into the trend of chunky shoes that optically slim the leg. And in a decade, nausea has potentially given way to nostalgia. Perhaps this is already the beginning of the return of the trends of the 2010s…

From disgust to nostalgic desire, ten years ago according to Isabel Marant since in 2021, in addition to relaunching her famous wedge sneakers, Isabel Marant also launched her second-hand online space. And since their return to the market they have had time to convince many fashionistas, who share their best looks especially on TikTok. Proof in pictures:


Wedge sneakers look great with joggers. #isabelmarant #designerfashion

♬ original sound – Kamohelo.


OOTD…the sneakers are Isabel Marant, everything else is from Zara✨. #blackgirltiktok #sneakers #streetwear #OOTD

♬ original sound – Imani🦄🫧


controversial but how can I not buy them??? wedge sneakers are back, whether you like it or not THEY ARE BACK #wedgesneakers #fashiontrend2024 #isabelmarant #isabelmarantwedges

♬ original sound: clothes are friends


@ISABEL MARANT the most beautiful shoes ever!

♬ original sound – Candler


In 2011, Isabel Marant launched the Bekett Shoe aka the wedge sneaker 👟 In 2021, she relaunched them and while I don’t remember them coming back, I dug into the archives of my Keep Calm and Chiffon fashion blogs to find these photos. Lots of places made similar versions and I found a pair on clearance at Charlotte Russe for $10, which was a steal. If I remember correctly, ironically, they weren’t that comfortable: after all, they were still heels! Have you ever tried this trend? #stylebyausten #wedgesneakers #2010fashion #fashionrewind #fashionbloggerstyle #isabelmarant #fashionthrowback

♬ Good Vibes (instrumental) – Ellen Once Again


I start a new series

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I gave in to the trend and I’m not sorry 😚#isabelmarant #isabelmarantwedges #racerworldwide #unboxing #fyp

♬ Carrie Bradshaw – Gal Matza

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