From rags to riches: all about Bianca Censori’s crime family

Bianca Censori. Photo: Legion-media

Interesting details have emerged about the relatives of Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori. According to the Daily Mail, the family has gone through an eventful journey, from poor Italian immigrants to domination in crime and gambling.

The girl’s father, Elia “Leo” Censori, served time in prison for possession of a controlled substance. Bianca’s older brother Edmondo, known as “Eddie Capone”, was convicted of violence in Victoria, including assaulting police, theft and threats. In 1982, his uncle Eris, a notorious gangster killer nicknamed “Melbourne’s Al Capone”, was sentenced to death for the murder of a waiter. However, the verdict was later commuted to life imprisonment due to the “royal privilege of mercy”.

Kanye West’s wife often makes headlines for her quirky and revealing wardrobe. Look at one of the provocative images of Bianca Censori in our material.

Source: People Talk

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