Tired of the old clock? Wear them as a collar like Rihanna and fashion influencers do.

This season, keeping track of time is more fashionable than ever, but there is a nuance. Now fashion influencers invite us to wear the watch around our neck as a necklace, rather than on our wrist. And yes, it looks like Rihanna helped restart this trend, not just restart it.

Last year, the singer showed off an unusual style trick: At the show for Pharrell Williams’s first collection for Louis Vuitton, Rihanna wore a Jacob & Co watch around her neck. Fashion bloggers quickly noticed this kind of trick, and now we see such choker watches more and more often on social networks.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. Photo: social networks

Often girls choose models with medium and small dials for this method of styling watches. Of course, since it is not that easy to turn an ordinary watch into a necklace, brands started to produce “ready-made” collars along with watches. But some influencers don’t want to take the path of least resistance and turn to jewelry manufacturers to strap their favorite (and probably unbudgetable) watch around their neck.

Source: People Talk

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