‘It’s going to be hard for my mom’: Cancer patient Shannen Doherty gives away her belongings

Shannen Doherty Photo: Getty Images

The Charmed star shared the sad news with her fans. Shannen Doherty is letting go of her belongings because she doesn’t think she will live long. She announced this on the next episode of her podcast.

The actor, who is worried that it will be very difficult for his mother to cope with this loss, wants to save her from unnecessary fuss.

“This will be so hard for him, so I want other things to be a lot easier. I don’t want him to have too much to do. I don’t want her four closets full of furniture,” Shannen said.

Doherty, 52, plans to sell the antiques and donate the rest of her belongings in case something bad happens to her. Doherty wants to spend her income on a holiday with her mother.

At the end of March, Shannen stood by Kate Middleton, who also has cancer. The actor said that we must respect other people’s privacy.

Source: People Talk

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