New character posters for THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1 Featuring the Sadistic Killers

Lionsgate has released three new character posters Foreigners: chapter 1, and feature the film’s three sadistic killers: Dollface, Pin-Up Girl, and Scarecrow. You can watch the trailer for the film here and it looks exactly like what you would expect from a Foreigners movie.

This film is the first of a trilogy of films that will be released in theaters. In the film, a vacationing couple falls prey to mysterious masked strangers in their remote vacation home.

The film was directed by Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea, Die Hard 2, The Long Kiss Goodnight) from a screenplay written by Alan R. Cohen AND Alan Freedland (The Freak Brothers, Expiration Date).

In chapter I, Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale) plays “a young woman starting a new life with her boyfriend. Suddenly, during a stopover at a remote vacation home in the woods, they become prey to a mysterious gang of masked strangers who attack them without warning or reason. What begins as a fight to survive becomes one woman’s courageous and cunning journey in this horror series that combines three gripping films.

Harlin previously spoke about the film, saying, “When this opportunity came to me, the idea of ​​not doing a remake or a reboot but doing a trilogy based on the original film, I thought it was an incredible opportunity.”

As for the full story of the trilogy, he says it will “explore what happens to the victims of this type of violence and who the perpetrators of this type of violence are. Where do they come from and why?”

The film is scheduled for release on May 17, 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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