“My body and soul couldn’t handle it”: Nicole Kidman laughed when she saw her father in the coffin

The 56-year-old Australian and American actor admitted to Elle that his nervous system couldn’t handle the stress of his father’s funeral. Nicole Kidman started laughing and couldn’t stop laughing.

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Getty Images

The star had a hard time with the death of her parent, Australian doctor Anthony Kidman. He died in an accident in 2014; A man collapsed in a hotel room in Singapore where he had come to visit his daughter Antonia. The tragic news shocked Nicole.

The artist admitted that his nervous system could not cope with the test. He reacted inappropriately when he saw his beloved father dead. “I literally started laughing because I was so heartbroken and devastated. “My body and soul couldn’t handle it,” Kidman said.

The star explained that nervous laughter is a form of mental protection. The actor added that he encountered such a reaction in other difficult moments of his life. Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman previously admitted that she thought about her death.

Source: People Talk

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