Teaser Trailer and new details for the horror comedy BAMPIRE centered on the vampire Bambi

A teaser trailer has been released for the latest titled Bambi horror film Bampire. This is a horror comedy that will pay homage to the slasher films made in the 80s and 90s. The story follows a group of teenagers who are hunted by the vampire Bambi, a creature who seeks revenge for the death of his mother.

The film is directed by Taylor Morden (The latest success) and written by Zoe Wassmanwho described the film as “Picture Dead evil 2 meet Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

Speaking about the film in a recent interview, Morden shared with CB: “My friend Zoe [Wassman] wrote this script which we have adapted into a file Bambi What. It was a deer/monster/woods thing, and I thought, ‘Aha, the public domain will get us press.’ But we didn’t really change the script. It’s still just a good movie about teenagers who go into the woods and get mauled by a deer….Spoiler alert. But there were a few roles, a handful of parts, where I thought, “We could reach out to some people who appear in some iconic independent films,” or something like that, in Diane [Franklin]In the case of these, iconic mainstream films. But also horror stuff, and just on brand.”

The director added: “I’m a big fan of The room AND The disaster artist and his whole vibe, because he’s very self-aware,” Morden explained. “He knows what The room AND. She’s on tour with this right now, she’s just soaking it up, and it’s not her fault The room and what The room AND. She was just there. And he wrote a whole book about it, and they made a movie about it, and those things are amazing,” Morden explained. “But we were really looking for that level of self-awareness, not eccentricity, but self-awareness. , ironically, “What is this?” This isn’t a commentary on public domain horror, but we say, “We get it.” We know. This is not Schindler’s List that we are making. This is not Citizen Kane. This is a horror comedy based on Bambi. Maybe instead of trying to get an actor from a Citizen Like Kane movie, let’s get the guy The room which I feel sends the message that we know our way. We’re in it.”

The film is said to feature “harrowing live action performances, hand-drawn animation by Josh Stifter (A24 and Kevin Smith’S Tusk), practical blood from the award-winning FX artist Trysta Kelleya clay sequence from the effects supervisor Webster Colcord (Stranger Things, Planet of the Apes, Deadpool, Planet of Terror), and even diegetic VHS footage from an in-world camera.

Bampire will include appearances by Diane Franklin (Better dead, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure), Greg Sestero (The room, The disaster artist) and that of Troma Lloyd Kaufmannthe creator of The toxic avenger.

The film’s cast includes Katie Gibbons (Blind duet, take a walk), Jeff Brosy (Animal house), Malachite Saaquya, Weston Oliver, Parra Melody (Nena, Devotion), Jacob Rayl (It will all be fine), Levee Duplay (Operation Speranza, a bird’s eye view) AND Paul Addison (The Killing of Billy the Kid).

The film is scheduled for release in October 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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