This food brand has established itself as the favorite of the French (but inflation has not spared it)

Every year, an important survey reveals the ranking of the French’s favorite brands. In second place is Picard, the well-known frozen food brand.

Every year, the OC&C company, exclusively for LSA, reveals its ranking of the French’s favorite brands. The 2023 winners have just been revealed, and they reveal some changes. Like last year, Decathlon remains the French’s favorite brand. No wonder, the French brand, which recently changed its look, has clearly been on the rise for several years. Affordable and quality products, limited brands, strong values ​​related to sport and inclusiveness, the equipment manufacturer has it all.

Picard, the favorite food brand

At number two in this ranking we find Picard gaining one position compared to last yearwhich makes it the Favorite food brand of the French. And it is true that Picard products are very practical, the range is also wide and the quality/price ratio is correct. However, frozen products are not immune to inflation. Picard pledged in November 2023 to contain it” 15% “, From ” seven points down » of the frozen food market. “ In our final sales prices we have only reflected the increase in the cost of raw materials. », explained Cathy Collart Geiger, general manager of Picard, in an interview with Figaro. It should be noted that a third food brand is positioning itself well in this ranking. This is the Grand Frais brand.

  1. Decathlon (no places won),
  2. Picard (one place won),
  3. Grand Frais (three places gained),
  4. Leroy Merlin (four places gained),
  5. E.Leclerc (two places gained),
  6. Culture (two places lost),
  7. Fnac (five places lost),
  8. Yves Rocher (twelve places gained),

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