Kate Middleton: why Prince William is not ready to silence the rumors

While speculation about Kate Middleton’s health is rife, “Page Six” revealed that Prince William is the most likely to preserve the mystery.

This is the story that shakes the monarchy and arouses the wildest rumors. Recovering from a mysterious “abdominal surgery” she underwent in mid-January, Kate Middleton finally appeared all smiles alongside Prince William during a visit to the Windsor Farm Shop on Sunday, March 17, according to a video published by TMZ.

Far from reassuring Internet users, this video has nevertheless fueled new conspiracy theories. For its part, the tabloid Page six asked on Tuesday 19 March about the lack of transparency of the royal family, who appear unwilling to put an end to the speculation.

Prince William is ‘worried’

Anonymous palace sources told the American tabloid that Prince William had no intention of speaking openly to put an end to the rumors, on the contrary: is committed to preserving the mystery surrounding this convalescence, and more generally the state of health of the Princess of Wales. “ William is concerned that parallels may be drawn with his mother Diana », whose health continued to be a media topic during her lifetime, a source at Kensington Palace, where the couple lives, told Page Six.

Second Page six, the conspiracy theories circulating on social networks regarding the alleged disappearance of the latter would have done nothing but strengthen Prince William in his desire to remain discreet. “ This is why he keeps everything a secret (…) He thought the world had learned its lesson, but that’s not the case. » So we are not ready to learn more about this mystery, at least, not from the royal family.

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