5 things in your wardrobe that you can and even should save money on

Recently in our material we talked about what you should definitely not save on. Yes, some items require significant expenses and a more responsible approach to their selection. The fact is that these things will serve you for many years and, in general, will only help you save money and not buy unnecessary things. But there are also wardrobe items that are not worth spending incredible sums of money on. Let’s talk.


Surely you have repeatedly come across videos on social networks where girls sometimes wear very expensive clothes and say that they prefer to save on jeans? Today the mass market produces excellent models at reasonable prices that do not look cheap at all. Moreover, fashion changes so quickly that it is definitely not worth paying that much money for trendy jeans.

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There is no point in spending money on jewelry, it is better to save money to buy jewelry made of precious metals. However, you can find cheaper accessories that you will only wear a few times at parties. The main thing is not to wear them too often, because the coating of costume jewelry treacherously tends to deteriorate.

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White T-shirt

Today in almost every reasonable mass market you can find a white T-shirt for every day at an affordable price. Here, we definitely do not recommend you to choose products in the luxury segment, it is unlikely that you will notice a big difference. The main thing is to pay attention to the quality of the material, the shape and shade of the T-shirt.

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Many fashion influencers and celebrities buy bodysuits from cheap stores. For example, a few years ago Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made a striking commercial for a well-known mass-market brand and said in the comments that she wore such a dress for only $ 20. It is better to have this base in several colors at once and not spend large sums on it – this thing will definitely not last forever.

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Alcoholic Mike

Another base in which there is no point in investing. The mass market has a wide range of stylish and high-quality options for the classic alcoholic t-shirt, so you shouldn’t spend too much money here either.

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