Sister Kris Jenner dies: details

A sad event occurred in the Kris Jenner family. Her younger sister, Karen Houghton, has died at the age of 65, TMZ reported.

Kris Jenner with her sister. Photo: social networks

Chris said about the tragedy on his social network: “My heart hurts for my mother and my niece Natalie and I pray that God sees us all during this difficult time. Karen was beautiful inside and out. She was the sweetest, the kindest, the most sensitive, the most vulnerable and the funniest. I cherish every memory we have.” The causes of Karen’s death are unknown.

Let’s remember that Karen is three years younger than Chris, and they grew up with their 89-year-old mother, Mary Jo Campbell. Although Karen is part of the star family, she has never appeared in reality shows and has always had a difficult relationship with Chris. Not least because Houghton sided with Bruce regarding his sister during the divorce.

Source: People Talk

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