Time for nostalgia: the play “Burnt in the USSR” based on the play by Alexander Tsypkin

It turns out that there is another reason to spend time with loved ones, namely to attend the play “Burnt in the USSR” based on the play by Alexander Tsypkin.

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The cultural premiere will take place on March 21 at the Na Strastnoy Theater Center. The plot will tell about the difficult fate of classmates born in the seventies. A touching story will show viewers a generation that grew up under the “ruins” of the USSR: some did not live to see 50, some were able to achieve something in life, others could not cope with life’s vicissitudes.

For director Grigory Artamonov, born at the turn of the millennium, this story has nothing to do with him. However, Alexander Tsypkin and his colleagues will be able to see their own lives in this story and experience a little nostalgia. This is exactly what makes the performance so attractive for the older generation of viewers and interesting and educational for young people.

When: 21 March 20:00

Where: Theater Center “In Strstnom”

Source: People Talk

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