Which items should be washed in a special bag?

How often do you notice that after washing some items lose their former appearance, decrease in size, change color, become covered with pills (the same lumps) and look completely different from before? In fact, different clothes require different care, and some even require special attention when washing. For example, items made of wool and leather, as well as underwear. Today we will talk about paying attention to the last point.

Let’s face it, loading only underwear into the washing machine is not economical (and frankly not environmentally friendly), so some models can actually be washed with the rest of your laundry. The main thing here is to follow a few rules: firstly, sort clothes and linen by color, we hope that our explanations will not be needed here, and secondly, use special bags for washing. This way, the underwear will not get damaged by accidentally getting stuck on your favorite top and its shape will not change. Special bags protect items, do not interfere with washing and do not stain laundry.

Of course, it is better to wash especially expensive (in every sense) laundry by hand or separately from other things, and in the latter case also use a laundry bag. This way you can extend the life of your favorite items and not cry after the next “trick” of your washing machine. By the way, some clothes made of delicate fabric can and even should be put in a separate bag to avoid damage.

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