Fan of vintage jewelry? These 3 little-known brands on Vinted (and others) are worth checking out

Do you like second-hand jewelry, love the wow aesthetic of the disco years, but don’t have the means to invest in the high fashion houses that were popular at the time? Don’t worry, here are three little-known brands that can be easily found online.

There’s nothing better to spruce up an ordinary outfit than a nice pair of earrings, especially when they’re straight out of the 80s. But here’s the thing: it’s not always easy to find vintage jewelry, and even less so if you don’t actually do it. know where to look.

Fan of retro jewelry, volumes and colors? This selection of confidential and convenient brands to locate on Vinted is made especially for you.

Jacky de G

Gold, wood, multicolored stones, imaginative shapes, always massive (even kitsch, but just enough)… This is the flashy AD of this crazy 80s brand, called Jacky de G. Who was hiding behind this signature and its jewels produced in France for only a handful of years? Hard to say. But one thing is certain, it will have left its mark, a well-kept secret of antique jewelery collectors.

Drink do

Less colors and more geometric shapes for this ready-to-wear house created in the 90s by industrial designer Nelly Biche de Bere, previously exhibited in Parisian and New York museums. Squares, circles and bars are enough to structure her outfit, transformed into a contemporary work of art.

sweet life

Another 80s designer, Dolce Vita Paris, specialized in colorful, low-cost jewelry. On Vinted, you count between €2 and €20 for a graphic bracelet.

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