Pavel Derevianko attended a social event with his new girlfriend

Pavel Derevianko has not hidden his new love for a long time. The actor has been dating a girl named Zoya Futs for several months. The girl is not from show business, she works as a seamstress and also has her own business. They can often be seen at social events. So, today the couple appeared together at the premiere of the fourth season of the series “Unprincipled”.

Let us remind you that the “House Arrest” actor has been in a relationship with Daria Myasishcheva for about ten years, with whom he has two daughters, Varvara and Alexandra. In 2020, the stars announced their separation. “The time has come, we realized that it is better for us to remain just friends in order to avoid possible conflicts that are ready to explode,” the artist told the publication “7 Days” in 2021. You can find out more about the actor’s new girlfriend here.

Pavel Derevyanko and Daria Myasishcheva with children. Photo: social networks

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