Build a playhouse for children in an apartment? It’s possible with this tip (and it’s awesome)

If you have an apartment and kids, but they want to build a nice cabin to hide in, we have the solution!

Are you also a little tired of seeing all the chairs in the living room disappear and end up in the kids’ bedroom, hidden under a large sheet? We too. We like to keep our chairs and not see the apartment upside down. Yes, not everyone is lucky enough to have space, a garden and trees to build cabins on!

But we found a solution! It’s called 1001 Cabanes, and it’s in Sarbakane that it’s happening.

Small clarification: this article is not sponsored. We tested the Dragonflies package and really liked it. It’s a favorite to share!

A cabin kit, for modular structures

Sarbakane offers its 1001 Cabanes kits, in different models, at different prices. The concept ? Wooden sticks that hook into (perforated) cubes to form cabins in the shape of a house, castle, boat, igloo… The possibilities are numerous, as are the sizes, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Once the structure has been assembled (and it’s very easy to do, there’s no need for parents’ help once the concept has been explained), all that remains is to cover everything with a large sheet and soon, it’s finished, we can play.

1001 cabins1

The brand also offers fabric canvases, so that the final result is even more pleasant. But even with an old duvet cover it works very well!

1001 cabins

The advantages of these cabin kits?

  • It mounts easily
  • It does not take up space once disassembled.
  • It’s solid
  • Is cute
  • Develops imagination and motor skills
  • Everyone can play it
  • The kits are made in Europe, the wood comes from European forests and the fabrics are 100% Oeko-Tex certified.
  • You can, in addition to or instead of the kits, purchase rods and cubes individually, at a reasonable price: €1.50 per rod, €5 per cube
  • All items are guaranteed against breakage

The only downside? Its price, which is expensive and increases the larger the model. But its solidity means that it lasts over time and can be passed on to subsequent children, cousins, etc.

1001 cabins2

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