These 5 (edifying) facts confirm that divorce impoverishes women

In a survey released Thursday, March 14, the Women’s Foundation analyzed the cost of divorce. And the data is alarming, as divorced mothers are particularly affected by post-divorce insecurity.

Today in France one in two couples separates, and almost one in two marriages ends in divorce (44%). What happens to heterosexual women after separation
and above all economically? The Women’s Foundation asked the question in a note “The cost of divorce or how the couple impoverishes the woman”, published on March 14. Unfortunately, no surprise, this procedure is a factor in the impoverishment of women. Here are 5 figures that caught our attention.

  • 20% of women fall into poverty after divorce.
    For comparison, men are “only” 8%.
  • 22% of women lose their standard of living, compared to… 3% of men.

Within heterosexual couples, the illusion of equality between women and men exposes women to economic weakening which further intensifies when the couple has children. », specifies the survey. The numbers speak for themselves. 40% of single-parent families live below the poverty line and 82% of single-parent household heads are women.

  • The poverty rate of women with children reaches 34%at the time of divorce.
    While single mothers are twice as affected by unemployment than the mothers of a couple.
  • The income of women in their sixties is decreasing 31% after their divorce.
    The impoverishment of divorced women also affects older women.
  • The standard of living of women of all ages remains 14% lower than that of the year before the separation, while that of men… increases by 1.6%.

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