The 5 times Aya Nakamura masterfully silenced her haters

Very often the target of personal attacks and racist and misogynistic harassment, Aya Nakamura always finds the best way to respond without shame to her detractors.

It very well could be the most listened to francophone singer in the world and continuing to break records for years, Aya Nakamura continues to be the target of controversy, mockery and criticism, especially from the far right.

But not having her tongue in her pocket, “Aya” almost never gives up, and never hesitates to defend herself from her detractors, always finding the right word to respond to them. All of this, very often with humour.

“You can be racist, but not deaf”

After a (long) racist and misogynistic controversy over her possible participation in the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in which she would have performed songs by Edith Piaf, on Saturday 9 March, the small far-right group Les Natifs posted on its puts online a photo of a banner hung by ten of its members on the banks of the Seine. “ That’s not possible Aya, this is Paris, not Bamako market! », we can read there. Racist remarks to which Aya Nakamura reacted to this banner on her social networks: “ You can be racist but not deaf… That’s what hurts you! I’m becoming the number 1 subject in debates etc. but what do I really owe you? Kedal ».

Furthermore, a few days earlier, when the controversy had just begun, the singer had published on her Instagram account a True, showing it off during fashion week. The legend ? A sober “EDITH PIAF? “.

“Go unsubscribe” to Cyril Hanouna

While the controversy is in full swing, on Saturday 9 March Cyril Hanouna took the liberty of inviting her to his show In front of Hanouna Verlaine Djeni, an Internet user who presented himself as a “consultant in training” (but who is actually close to Marine Le Pen), to denigrate the artist. Very quickly, she went to her X her account (formerly Twitter) to speak directly to the host: ” Cyril Hanouna Who do you think you are, bringing back a renoie to represent me? ! Go unsubscribe and say so »

“This bitch thinks I’m the Raven phenomenon”

February 2023. While Aya Nakamura released her album DNK a few weeks earlier, he had achieved the feat of worn out three concerts at the Paris Arena in 15 minutes and 5 minutes, bad news arrives for her fans: Beyoncé will perform in a concert on the same date, May 26, 2023. An internet user then describes Aya’s team” of fools » for agreeing to hold one of his concerts on the same day as Beyoncé’s.

To which Aya Nakamura responded succinctly: “ This bitch takes me for the Raven phenomenon [NDLR, personnage de fiction dotée de visions] .. don’t get hot “.

You don’t invite people over when you can’t pronounce their name correctly »

November 10, 2018 marks the date of the singer’s first appearance at the ceremony. NRJ Music Awards. That evening, despite already being at the top of the streaming charts with his hit “Djadja » and his second album Nakamuraon stage, the presenter Nikos Aliagas cannot pronounce his name correctly, calling him “Yaka Nakamura”.

Later that evening, he said in a since-deleted tweet: ” You don’t invite people over when you can’t pronounce their name correctly “. Legendary.

“The Bitch Cut” by Kev Adams

Kev Adams also received a thoughtful tweet from Aya Nakamura. During a show performed in 2019, the comedian references . He explained that his name made him think of the saga of Harry Potter. A not-so-funny joke, to which Aya responded without irony in a tweet – also deleted –: “ Your joke isn’t funny. You only make thirteen year olds laugh with your slutty hairstyle. Stop making fun of me, don’t talk about me. »

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