The first big interview with Guf’s sister. I collected the main thing

Gufa’s sister “Alena, damn it!” Olga Dolmatova talked about her relationship with the rapper, former musician and her addiction.

Guf with his sister Olga Dolmatova. Photo: social networks

Olga Dolmatova commented on the latest scandal that occurred between the rapper and his ex-wife Yulia. “Thailand is where Lesha allows himself everything, palm trees, sea, sun, everything is allowed and allowed. That’s why he goes there in winter. “Like I said, overheated, that’s my statement,” he said.

Guf. Photo: social networks

Of course, Olga talked about the artist’s personal life. “Although many people say that I never interfered in his life, he got married, divorced… No, he is an independent person. He had created some kind of puzzle, set his mind on something, and therefore at that moment he began to react aggressively towards Yulia. Then I wasn’t there anymore. I bought a ticket, he was supposed to fly with me but he refused. It was difficult for me to fly away, because I realized that if something happened to him, I would never forgive myself,” Olga noted.

“For Sam, he loves Jesus and treats him wonderfully. For Tina’s part, she treats Yulia very well. He is madly in love with Tina. She always wanted a daughter. And he has both a son and a daughter. He explained his position: “I do not support any of the language he uses towards his women.”

Guf and Yulia Koroleva with their daughter Tina. Photo: social networks

The journalist reminded Olga that Guf has repeatedly called Aiza-Liluna Ai his favorite woman, but the girl thinks differently. “I think not. Who did he love the most? I won’t say. Intrigue. Of all his women, who should be next to him? No one. I’m sure he hasn’t met anyone like that yet. I really hope that they will all be on good terms – both Lesha and Aiza, and Lesha and Yulia. Because after all, there are children. And children will get married, give birth and everything else. What should a woman be like? First of all, be patient. And of course a person needs to be loved. Lesha should be loved, respected and tolerated. The blogger, although sometimes strange, follows her interests and respect their views on life,” he said.

Guf and Aiza-Liluna Ai with their son Sam. Photo: social networks

He commented on his new novel. “He’s happy with it. And this is wonderful. Maybe this is the person who can help him. Let’s hope Lesha never needs help again. I still believe this. I didn’t have time to be friends with him. But we were talking and getting to know each other. We are not very good friends with the previous ones, we are just friends, we are on good terms. Moreover, I had disagreements with both Aiza and Yulia, but we all have a reason. We understand: what’s the point? “Whether you like it or not, we are a family,” said Olga.

Olga Dolmatova also noted that the rapper is unlikely to overcome his addiction. “A person is so old that addiction has been in his life for so many years. Getting rid of this is unfortunately almost impossible,” she added.

Source: People Talk

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