Steven Spielberg is a big fan of GODZILLA MINUS ONE and the director talks about how we met him

Godzilla minus one was a huge success in Hollywood and is easily one of the best Kaiju monster movies to date. It turns out that the director Steven Spielberg he is a huge fan of the film and has watched it three times to experience its greatness.

During an interview with AV Club, the director of Godzilla minus one, Takashi Yamazaki, talked about meeting Spielberg and how Spielberg went out of his way to talk to him. Yamazaki and his team attended a luncheon before the 96th Academy Awards. Godzilla Minus One is nominated for best visual effects, and during the event, Yamazaki said he was surprised when Spielberg walked straight at him:

“Steven Spielberg said, ‘Oh, you’re the director of Godzilla. I saw it three times. I couldn’t believe it, because Spielberg is like a god to me, just because of what he did for the movie industry. But not that’s how it is.” it felt very real. [Spielberg went on to say,] “I saw it once in my house, and then I had to go see it again in IMAX, then in Dolby Atmos.” You can’t make it up.”

Yamazaki went on to say that his interaction with Spielberg was difficult to process given how big of a fan he is. He also explained that he looked to Jurassic Park for inspiration while making Godzilla Minus One. He shared:

“I wanted Godzilla to appear during the day, too. And when the younger Godzilla appears in the movie, I kept telling myself, ‘Don’t make it like Jurassic Park. Don’t make it like Jurassic Park.’ But it was a little bit like Jurassic Park. So when I met Steven Spielberg, there was another version of me that was like, well, what if he said, “You just ripped off all my movies and I’m mad at you?” I couldn’t answer anything.”

Spielberg’s films are what sparked my love for cinema. Specifically, when I saw ET in the cinema as a child, I was blown away and ever since then all I wanted was to be involved in films in some way, shape or form. I also had the opportunity to meet Spielberg once, and it was a really cool experience that I will never forget.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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