Jacques Doillon case: “embarrassed”, Rachida Dati denounces the postponement of the release of the film “CE2”

While the release of the feature film “CE2” was postponed after accusations of sexual violence against Jacques Doillon, Rachida Dati, Minister of Culture, said she was “embarrassed” by this “collective punishment”.

After the announcement of postpone the release of Jacques Doillon’s new film until further notice, CE2originally scheduled for March 27, due to multiple allegations of sexual assault against the director, Culture Minister Rachida Dati reacted promptly.

Rachida Dati says she is “embarrassed” by the “collective sanction”

This Thursday 29 February, at the microphone of France Culture, she said ” embarrassed ” Of “ collective punishment “, the fact ” punish an entire film “. But also “ punish all artists in various forms due to a person’s inappropriate or illegal, criminally reprehensible behavior. ” For her, ” we are in a country of individual, not collective, responsibility “.

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Rachida Dati then continued to give her” personal opinion » on the issue, denouncing sexual violence against girls in cinema: « creative freedom must be absolute, but child abuse is not art, sexual violence is not art “.

To then continue, again at the microphone of France Culture:

A book, for example, is an individual work. You can very well sanction an author, it is an individual sanction. A film is a collective work. Should we punish, sanction all the other talents, all the technicians, the make-up artists, the secretaries, the managers, those who also invest in this film? »

Rachida Dati.

As a reminder, the release of CE2 was postponed following numerous interventions by Anna Mouglalis, Isild le Besco who accuse Jacques Doillon of sexual assault and blackmail, but also by Judith Godrèche, who filed a complaint against him, the 79-year-old director is in the crosshairs of an investigation for “rape of a minor.” And for good reason, Alessio Manentimain actor of the film, had declared that he would not participate in its promotion, while the actress Nora Hamzawi who appears in the film, had publicly opposed its release

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