How a burglary made me lose ten years of memories

In Le Pire du Pire, the new Madmoizelle format, we give you the floor to exorcise your worst memories and anecdotes. This week we give the floor to Roxane, who tells us about her burglary. After losing more than a decade of data, she is seriously considering investing in an online data storage service.

One afternoon in November 2020 I returned home after finishing my workday in a Parisian department store. At the time I was looking for post-covid work and so I took a job in the food sector to be able to pay the rent. So I was on missions with working hours that varied greatly from day to day.

Arriving at my door, I put the key in the lock, without even realizing that it turns in vain. I push open the front door and there’s a shock. My apartment is upside down. It’s “funny” because my first thought was:

“I don’t understand, I spent last night tidying up my apartment.”


But, looking closer, that’s when I realize it that I just got robbed. Big cold shower. I tearfully call my parents who are on the other side of France. After coming to my senses, I call the police who tell me not to touch anything, to leave the apartment and wait for them calmly on the landing (without obviously informing me of a waiting time).

Ten years of private life and hazy projects

After hours of waiting they arrive and there we enter the apartment together. New cold shower. Now it’s time to take inventory of what was stolen, obviously without touching anything. (a fingerprint team is expected to arrive later this evening).

It is precisely in this moment that I realize this that I lack many material goods, like my record player, my papers (yes, I assure you my papers were stolen…) or even my computer. I was also robbed of things I was emotionally attached to: my family jewels, my two external hard drives, and my USB keys.

And right now, that’s the hardest thing. Losing the contents of all my storage spaces, over 10 years of memories and projects. This is a real violation of my privacy.

As for memories, I am obviously referring to the photos: all my travel memories, the years of high school, of the preparatory class, of high school. The best years of your life in itself, those of carefreeness.

On the project side, I’m drawing a line under my final thesis, my start-up project. The worst thing is that I’m looking for a job right now. By stealing my hard drive where everything is stored, I have to start over, I have nothing left to show in an interview. Not to mention the computer which is “my work tool”, I use it assiduously for my job searches and to prepare for job interviews.

Taken once, but not twice: what solution?

Want to know the irony of it all? It is for safety that I have stored all my important data and memories on my hard drives. Just in case, you never know, eh, I said to myself…

As you can imagine, today is different. I don’t use hard drives anymore, I keep everything on free online data storage. But the problem is thisyou’re quickly limited by available space and need an internet connection to access it. Without forgetting that we actually don’t know whether it is safe and what can be done with our data.

There are more and more people around me – family, friends, colleagues – who are using online storage solutions. And others who are interested, but like me, don’t know which one to choose.

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