Bluey, the cartoon that changed my life and that of my family

Like PAW Patrol, Bluey is a cartoon that chronicles the daily lives of talking dogs. This is the only thing in common with your children’s favorite show. Caring, cute, smart, inclusive, this cartoon unites everyone, children and parents.

The Paw Patrol are dead! Long live Bluey! For some time the favorite cubs of the infantile PAF have been threatened with extinction by a new herd from Australia.

Created in 2018, the Australian cartoon Bluey tells the daily life of Bluey, a Blue Heeler dog. Bluey lives with his parents, Bandit and Chili, and his little sister, Bingo. This family “like the others” heals our eyes and ears damaged by a decade of omnipotent Paw Patrol. Between flashbacks and the present, Bluey and her sister Bingo discover the world with good humor and kindness.

If the cartoon is aimed at children, Jom Brum, its creator, took pity on their parents. He thus invented adult characters with whom he could identify (with the clarification that these are visibly very privileged dogs). Bluey, Bingo, Chilli and Bandit discover the world with kindness and humor, but also delicacy and inclusiveness.

The canine family has won over adults and children alike, who don’t fail to pay homage to him on Instagram. This recognition is absolutely deserved: my life has never been the same since I discovered this cartoon.

Bluey reconciled me with the canine species

For years, the favorite canine cartoon featured a patrol of brain-sucking zombie pups. At least, that’s the only explanation I’ve found for the Paw Patrol pups’ lack of aging and the intellectual vacuity of all living things around them. The plot of this dystopian horror series has nothing to envy that of Cujo. Ever since the Patrol invaded our lives as daron, I could no longer pass a dog without feeling sweat beading on the back of my neck.

For several months, however, the Heelers breed has reconciled me with canines. Of course, seeing dogs talk and dance is still a disturbing experience, but not as disturbing as living with the knowledge that undead dogs are wandering around looking for a robot cat.

Let’s not fool ourselves, like all dog cartoons, Bluey also takes pride in teaching stupid parents about life. It is not possible for humans to forget that at any moment dogs can take over. But at least we’ll have some mates to have a drink with, if I’m to believe the state of Chilli and Bandit after a long night of partying.

I no longer compare myself to other parents (of my race)

“- It’s still embarrassing to realize how much better parents these two dogs are than us! » sighed my husband recently.

This comment was formal proof of this. All four of us were sitting in front of a screen, even though two of us were under six years old and we could have preferred an active, fun and creative activity as a family. Besides, do you know who in that period played with their children instead of being stupid with them in front of the television? Chilli and Bandit.

Screenshot of 01/15/2024 at 4.42.30 pm

If the fact that Bluey’s (and Bingo’s) parents are dogs may be surprising at first, let’s quickly move past this detail to focus on the essential: human beings are not the parental aces that we are, they think they are. This observation, which will lead to the subsequent closure of all parental Instagram accounts, ultimately allows all parents to FINALLY find themselves on an equal footing. It doesn’t matter if I give chips to my kids, and you broccoli, compared to these little dogs, are as mediocre as me.

Thanks to Bluey, my children’s education is provided by professionals

Modern parenting requires hopelessly average beings to produce and then develop extraordinary, high-achieving offspring. The project seems ambitious to me, at least in my case. Personally, if I wanted to set an example of consistency and calmness for my children, I would have to change my entire personality.

However I can count on Chilli and Bandit to help me. If I can’t make it through the evening tunnel without letting out crazy screams, I’m grateful for the two canines that reassure my children: somewhere there is a better world and functional parents. Your mother is crazy, but it’s worth staying there.

Also, my children are growing up, which is reassuring, but their questions are becoming more complicated and often take me by surprise. Fortunately, I can count on Bluey’s parents to address issues that are important to me such as lack of self-confidence, difference or even infertility.

I finally know what I will do with my professional life

Chilli works in airport security and Bandit is an archaeologist who loves digging up bones. These two activities are very far from my area of ​​expertise, but seem extremely well paid while offering a lot of free time. At least if we are to believe the dog family’s magnificent home and the time this family spends in the house.

Since then I have been meaning to retrain. Of course, I don’t really know what Chili and Bandit’s respective jobs are. Since Chilli is a security dog, I imagine his job requires a good sense of smell. This is good, mine is particularly developed since I became a mother and I can only rely on my nose to understand if my son’s diaper is full or not. As for archaeology, my role as a family contact for lost items taught me to find any old object, under any pile of dirty socks.

And you, the Darons? What lessons did you learn from this cartoon? And do you think the success is deserved?

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