What if oat milk isn’t a good alternative to cow’s milk?

Oat milk has become increasingly popular in recent years. Presented as an excellent alternative to cow’s milk (both in taste and consistency), it is no longer unanimous among healthcare professionals. And here’s why.

If you can’t live without your oat milk coffee in the morning, this article is for you! And for good reason, it could be that this cow’s milk alternative ultimately does more harm than good for your body. In any case, this is what more and more experts are saying, including one, the biochemist Jessie Inchauspé, who goes by the name Glucose Goddess on Instagram. The latter, on her page with 3 million followers, offers nutritional advice to keep blood sugar levels under control. And he doesn’t seem too keen on oat milk…

Oat milk: a very sweet alternative

Soy, coconut, almond or rice milk… Today there are many alternatives to cow’s milk to allow those suffering from intolerances or even vegans to indulge themselves. And if these different proposals work, oat milk is generally the most popular. Tasty, it enhances the taste of coffee or matcha without covering its aromas. The problem is that it causes blood sugar levels to skyrocket, especially if drunk on an empty stomach, causing fatigue but also cravings a few hours after consumption. But why ? The specialist explains it to us very simply in a video:

“Oat milk is made from oats, oats are a cereal and cereals contain starch. So when we drink oat milk, we’re almost drinking cereal juice, which contains a lot of glucose. This in turn leads to high glucose spikes.”

Of course, it’s not a big deal if you only consume a little oat milk during the week. But, for all the people who drink it every morning, this systematic spike can, in the long term, become harmful to health.

But what to replace it with?

The question now is: what is a good alternative to oat milk? If whole cow’s milk can be an excellent option for non-intolerant people, according to Jessie Inchauspé, alternatives to dried fruit (almonds, hazelnuts) should also be preferred.

“Cow’s milk is essentially composed of proteins and fats. Nut milk is very low in starch, making it a better option for balancing glucose levels.

This famous nut milk, must be without added sugars. To be sure, don’t forget to take a look at the ingredient list. If sugar appears first or second, your milk is too sweet. If you make your own plant-based milk, you have nothing to worry about.

Finally, if you only like oat milk, try drinking it after breakfast to avoid blood sugar spikes. You know everything !


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