10 effective ways to recover after the New Year’s corporate party

10 effective ways to recover after the New Year’s corporate party
10 effective ways to recover after the New Year’s corporate party

Most of us start celebrating the New Year a few weeks before the holiday. This is due to corporate parties, business meetings and social events. It is inconvenient to refuse another glass of champagne and high-calorie dessert: after all, you do not want to spoil the warm welcome. But it’s also difficult to return to work with a sore head and a heavy stomach. What should I do? We have found ways to help you quickly recover after the New Year’s corporate party.

Find time to sleep

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Even if you return after midnight and have to get up at six in the morning, still force yourself to sleep for at least a few hours. The way we designed it is that this is the most effective way to force the brain and body to rest. Otherwise, irritability will appear at work and concentration will decrease, so you will make annoying mistakes. And your face will be more rested, rosy and healthy. Don’t forget to set an alarm to avoid oversleeping.

Drink plenty of water, juices and fruit drinks

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To recover a little after alcohol poisoning, you need to drink more water. This will ensure that toxins are removed from the body. Apple juice and cranberry juice will be equally effective, as fructose helps improve metabolism and provide an energy boost. But it is better not to take citrus drinks, as they irritate the gastric mucosa.

Get some exercise

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Training will return additional tons. Choose a gentle exercise mode depending on how split your head is. The important thing is to sweat so that the lymphatic system removes toxins from the body.

Give yourself a massage

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Gently massage your face and earlobes and then rub your palms together. This will help activate points on the body and regain strength. But be careful: the full body massage session itself should not be done after an alcoholic party, as this contributes to the removal of fluid. This can make your hangover worse.

Take a contrast shower

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We know that a cold shower is invigorating, but a change in temperature has a much better effect on the body. A simple procedure will increase metabolism and eliminate toxic components.

Make a cucumber mask

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Don’t forget to add the cucumber mask to your morning beauty routine after a corporate party. This will not only get rid of dark circles under the eyes and give your face a fresh, rested look, but will also remove excess toxins from the body. A similar effect will be achieved by rubbing the face with ice cubes from tea or mint infusion, which relieves swelling and has a soothing effect on the skin.

Eat sweets and high-calorie foods

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New Year’s corporate parties usually feature a lot of delicious food and alcoholic beverages. To stay in shape, we recommend eating something high-calorie before the event, such as a buttery croissant, a piece of cake or pizza. In this way, the feeling of fullness will prevent you from attacking the dishes. When you get hungry, the guests will have already eaten the lion’s share of the food, so it will be easier for you to control yourself. But it is best to eat fructose foods the morning after the feast. For example, grapes, bananas, figs, prunes, dried apricots, cherries, apples or honey.

Drink tea with ginger and lemon

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Ginger and ginseng are excellent for helping get rid of nausea and gastrointestinal problems after the New Year’s corporate party. But eating them alone isn’t bad at all. It is better to add them to hot tea with lemon.

Add cinnamon or cayenne pepper to your food

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Many people use cayenne pepper and add cinnamon to their coffee to lose weight. But these spices are still very effective for a hangover. Hot pepper, like ginger, “accelerates” the blood and lymph, accelerates the metabolism, thus removing toxins from the body. Cinnamon contains tannins, vitamins and essential oils that have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, hot drinks with cinnamon reduce headaches, make breathing easier, reduce swelling in the nasal mucosa and increase sweating.

Take a walk in the fresh air

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Walking in the fresh air and moderate physical activity outside will help you cheer up in the morning. The important thing is not to overwork, so that there is no heavy load on the heart.

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