7 New Year gift ideas for your loved ones

On the eve of the New Year’s bustle and the struggle to “finish everything, and even more so before the bells ring”, you should not forget about the most important thing, namely your loved ones. Perhaps the best way to show interest to your mother, grandmother and friend is to choose a gift that suits them 100%.

But how to give gifts from the heart to everyone and at the same time not leave a gap in the budget just before the New Year? We solved this difficult problem for you and compiled a selection of gifts that do not exceed 1000 rubles (or almost).

We have divided the gifts into several categories; Choose whichever best describes your friend, mother or grandmother and take action!

For those who don’t cheat with matte lipsticks

Although lip gloss has been at the forefront for the last few years, we still prefer matte lipsticks on New Year’s Eve. Well, who could resist caviar sandwiches, Olivier salad and hot dishes without them? But in winter, matte textures are another challenge. In order for the lipstick to lie evenly and not emphasize flaking, you first need to prepare the skin of your lips – exfoliate and moisturize. For this purpose, a duet was created in the form of sugar-coffee scrub and butter-balm.

For those who want to see the sea in their dreams

“Bring Back Summer!” A combination called was created last year for those who did not have time to relax on vacation by the sea. This sweet pair, consisting of coconut peeling and body oil, will transport its lucky owners to the paradise island in the Bounty commercial. The scrub will gently cleanse the skin, and the butter will prolong the feeling of comfort and leave a sweet trace behind. This is exactly the kind of spa ritual you’ll want to do every evening.

For a real Slav slut

If, after the emergence of the Slavic girl style trend, your friend has become a real Slav whore by wearing a fur coat and ear muffs, we have found a combination that she will like. All products in the XX series have a special perfume composition consisting of notes of incense, creamy palo santo, patchouli, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut bar and almond. For this reason, be sure to keep lotion at home and hand cream in your bag so that you can immerse yourself in your favorite scent right after the shower, so that you can feel the scent again.

For the person who grows his hair long

If a girl could not resist and made a bob, there are only two options: update her haircut every month or re-grow her hair. But careful maintenance of the wires is a priority in any case. That is why the combination of sulfate-free shampoo and hair oil is a universal and win-win option. The shampoo will preserve the protective properties of the scalp, while the oil will protect the hair from cold wind and dry indoor air by nourishing it from the inside.

For those who live in parties

A combination that will save girls for whom December is the hottest month of the year. Event after event, party after party, and you need to look great everywhere (even if you’ve only had three hours of sleep). For this reason, eye cream is used against dark circles and puffiness and a mask is used to brighten the skin. Together they effectively fight the symptoms of dull skin, dehydration, bloating and fatigue.

For those who love clean girl aesthetics

Are there any among your loved ones who like clean girl aesthetics and glowing skin in the style of Hailey Bieber? We found a combination for these too. The first stage is, of course, cleaning, without it you can’t go anywhere. Facial foam gently removes dirt, make-up and excess sebum and prepares the skin for the next care. And then we come with a cream containing vitamin C, which brightens the skin, moisturizes it and gives it shine (perhaps even brighter than a garland on a Christmas tree).

For “the one who has it all”

We often hear this phrase from those closest to us – mother or grandmother. They often forget about themselves in their anxiety to make sure there is always hot food on the table and a warm and comfortable home. Therefore, we take care of them ourselves. To ensure that grandmother’s hands remain as soft as in childhood, we chose a layered cream for her. And in addition – a cream with urea, which will eliminate heaviness from the legs at the end of the day and soften rough skin.

By the way, any combination can be purchased from Russian skin care brand The Act. Last year, the brand prepared discounts and a big surprise for The Fashion Vibes Telegram channel readers. Let us tell you a secret; The winner will receive a year’s worth of cosmetics from the brand. The contest will take place very soon, so subscribe and stay tuned for updates.

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