Why reselling luxury packaging can bring big profits (and what this business says about the cult of brands)

Why reselling luxury packaging can bring big profits (and what this business says about the cult of brands)
Why reselling luxury packaging can bring big profits (and what this business says about the cult of brands)

On second-hand sites like Vinted, eBay or Vestiaire Collective, people resell empty packaging from luxury products, such as cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags or jewelry cases. A company that says a lot about brand worship and customer experience.

Do you have the desire, but not the means, to purchase a Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermès bag? Well, to give the illusion that yes, and buy a part of the dream, more and more people are buying paper bags from luxury houses. This is a pretty surprising trend on TikTok and Instagram, where people are using it as a decorative element, for example in a library, as just noted by Caretaker.

Being a fan of counterfeiters: why buy luxury packaging

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On second-hand sites like Vinted, eBay or even Vestiaire Collective, for example, free Chanel packs and samples are sold for several tens of euros. This can be purchased by fans of the house as well as counterfeiters who can insert their own counterfeit to add credibility. This is above all why houses are full of inventiveness to be able to distinguish an authentic box from a fake, through plays of texture, shine and even patterns visible only thanks to some lights, for example, as Emmanuelle, creator of illustrated content, explains specialized in authentication. He sits underneath.

It is mainly the empty boxes of watch companies that are resold at high prices on second-hand sites The world. This clearly illustrates how packaging is part of the luxury customer experience, and therefore we could almost feel like we are biting into it by purchasing the packaging. Especially because we can use them as a decorative element at home, but also on ourselves, like Chanel or Vuitton ribbons around the wrists, in the hair (a strong trend for 2024 according to Pinterest), etc.

While the truly ultra-rich are happy to be offered an anonymous paper bag to leave a store incognito and avoid being robbed, some TikTok youth are allergic to quiet luxury instead sanding tutorials to transform shopping bags into designer cardboard to frame them at home, or laminate them and make a handbag.


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We can both revel in such creativity, worry about such emptiness, and worship brands as a value in themselves. Against silent luxury some experts such as Vincent Grégoire of the trend and forecast company Nelly Rodi del Luxury diarythey even talk about a current” noisy luxury », very ostentatious, proud to consume and pay dearly. Whether we agree or are dismayed, the fact remains that the issue is in the pocket of capitalism.


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