Victoria Beckham Releases ‘My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce’ T-Shirt That Mocks David Beckham’s Viral Remark

In the Netflix documentary series Beckham, Victoria Beckham claimed to come from a working-class background until her husband interrupted her to ask what car her father drove her to school in. A sequence that immediately became cult and on which the former Spice Girl is banking capitalize now turning it into a t-shirt.

In the documentary Beckham available on Netflix from 4 October 2023, Victoria Beckham talks about her “difficult” past and the fact that her husband, like her, came from the working class. But David Beckham appeared from behind a door to interrupt her emotional on-camera sequence to ask in which car her father took her to school. “ Okay, back in the 80s my dad drove a Rolls Royce », finally admits the former Spice Girl.

Although this exchange quickly went viral, Victoria Beckham decided to capitalize on it by releasing a t-shirt that reads ” My father had a Rolls-Royce », 17 November.

“My father had a Rolls-Royce”: Victoria Beckham’s t-shirt full of irony (and class violence)


I can’t fight it anymore, yeah my dad took me to school in a Rolls Royce! 😂 Kisses @David Beckham xx Buy the exclusive slogan t-shirt now!

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It is Victoria Beckham’s eponymous brand that markets this piece (in a limited edition) presented for the first time on TikTok, for the modest sum of 130 euros. The joke full of irony and social class violence costs dearly, but it is already sold out.

Screenshot of 11-21-2023 at 11.21.50
Screenshot of Victoria Bekcham’s eshop.

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