Valya Carnival did a hot photoshoot in a swimsuit

Recently, bloggers are increasingly delighting both themselves and their subscribers with bold photo shoots. So Valya Carnival organized a photo shoot on the occasion of its 22nd birthday. When the girl’s followers saw this, they immediately called the photo “report who you lost.” And we all remember when Governor’s ex-boyfriend Sasha Stone recently said she “won’t be looking at him anymore.”

Valya Carnival. Photo: social networks

The girl boldly posed for the camera in a revealing swimsuit with a crown on her head and a satin ribbon “Birthday Girl”. Needless to say, such unexpected photos always cause a storm of controversy. In Valya’s comments, subscribers greeted her photos with uncertainty; Many people believe that such photos are too intimate to be shared with millions of people.

Let us remind you that Valya Carnival has been experimenting with her appearance for more than a year. At some point, subscribers began to suspect that the girl was abnormally thin and put everything down to her diet. And recently she shared a new hairstyle: The blogger sported a dark short haircut that shocked her subscribers. Some believe that the reason for this is the emotions arising from the breakup with Sasha Stone, whom they met on the set of “Stars in Africa”. In the spring of 2022, the man proposed to her, but this summer the couple announced their separation. “I am a free person. Yes, sometimes in life it happens that everything is great and then suddenly it probably isn’t. But everything that is done is getting better,” said Sasha.

Valya Carnival and Sasha Stone. Photo: social networks

Text: Leonilla Trubnikova

Source: People Talk

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