The Christmas tree to be placed in Red Square was photographed from space. 84 years old

The New Year is approaching, it seems that there is almost no place left in the capital that is not decorated. As usually happens, we are all waiting for the main Moscow Christmas tree on Red Square to be decorated. Although we do not yet know the decor, we can safely tell the whole “biography” of the Christmas tree that will delight the residents this winter.

A frame from the movie “Old New Year”

The country’s main Christmas tree was photographed from space, Roslesinforg’s press service reported. If you think that choosing a Christmas tree every year is easy, you are very wrong. Experts first start with satellite images, which are necessary to determine the exact parameters, altitude and location of the “one”.

Photo: Telegram channel “IZ.RU”

“This year the title of Kremlin beauty was awarded to a 25-meter spruce tree from the village of Fryanovo near Moscow. “The age of the tree is 84 years, trunk diameter is 60 cm,” they said in Roslesinforg. “Every year, the main Christmas tree of the country is selected very carefully, the inspection is carried out in all forest districts of Moscow. area. As a rule, about 50-70 trees become contestants per year. The main requirements are a smooth and curved stem, a neat cone-shaped crown with needles that are not too thick so as not to spoil the wreath and New Year’s decorations. The most important thing is a suitable location where heavy equipment can easily access and move the tree.”

Text: Leonilla Trubnikova

Source: People Talk

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