Kristina Asmus posted a photo from the hospital

Christina Asmus said she broke her leg the other day. The incident occurred on the set in Vyborg, when the actress fell from a high jump onto her bent leg. Today, the Interns star shared a photo from the hospital and admitted that he had major surgery a week ago.

Christine Asmus. Photo: social networks

“Yes, I had surgery on my left foot. Now I have a titanium plate and five screws there. The operation was not easy, but the result was successful (spelling and punctuation will be preserved from now on – Ed.),” he began. She admitted that she felt very bad. “I vomited incessantly for 15 hours, the body temperature was below 40, and added to this the recovery after anesthesia, hellish pain in the leg, lack of sensitivity, injections in the stomach, inability to fall asleep even for 20 minutes and other post-operation pleasing. For two days only “I ate with serum,” admitted the star. We wish the actor a speedy recovery!

Christine Asmus. Photo: social networks

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez previously said that she had surgery due to a broken arm. But now everything is fine with the star, she is at Paris Fashion Week and is having a great time there.

Selena Gomez. Photo: Getty Images

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