Fashion Week: what is this 90s-2000s beauty trend seen on the streets of New York?

During Fashion Month many micro trends arise, not on the catwalks, but on the streets. A good opportunity to stock up on inspiration.

Beauty is inspired by the trends that emerge on social networks, in fashion shows but also on the street. During New York Fashion Week, a trend inspired by the ’90s and 2000s made an appearance again. This trend is brown lipstick. If you were not born between 1990 and 1999, this color is certainly not familiar to you. But it still marked its eraparticularly when the Friends series arrived on screens in which Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow wore this dark color on their lips. A shade that has the particularity of marrying perfectly with the arrival of autumn.


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Growing popularity on social networks

To find out if a trend is becoming more popular, TikTok is a fabulous tool. Typing the hashtag #brownlipstick, we immediately see that the latter has 88.7 million views and hundreds of recent videos have been added to the Chinese platform. Velvety version for a more dramatic effect or glossy for greater naturalness… It’s up to you to choose the result you want to achieve. The advantage is that it doesn’t matter which shade you choose, from milk to caramel to dark brown… This color suits all skin tones. A question then arises: why didn’t she come back sooner?


@Fenty Beauty bread winn’r lipstick 🤎

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