Harry Potter: This deleted scene with Draco is even better than the current ending, don’t you think?

Let’s face it, many of us have been annoyed and then fascinated by Draco Malfoy. Like Severus Snape, the character is one of the best character developments of the saga. Yet, Draco Malfoy could have surprised us even more. The proof on video, with this beautiful and well shot scene, but at the end excluded from the final assembly.

This article contains spoilers.

What if, inside Harry Potter, the real hero was not Harry, but Draco Malfoy ? This scenario is not that of fan fiction and it was even filmedbefore ending with the deleted scenes of the last one Harry Potter, without ever seeing the light of day. Yet she had something to desire (perhaps even more than the ending we know?)

To access this archive located from Assignedyou need to delve into Tom Felton’s autobiography, Beyond Magic: Confessions of a Magicianpublished in late 2022. In his book, the 35-year-old actor confided as much his character could have been the real savior during the final clashturning Voldemort against Harry.

“The culmination of all eight films”

Let’s remember that according to the version of the film we know, Draco Malfoy chooses the part of Voldemort. The Prince of Darkness even goes so far as to hug him, in a particularly sinister gesture completely improvised by Ralph Fiennes. Even if we know how to read the hesitation on his face, the young man joins his parents and together they leave the battlefield.

Harry Potter 8 Draco and Voldemort // Source: WB
Harry Potter 8 Draco and Voldemort // Source: WB

However, in his autobiography, Tom Felton lifted the veil on an alternative ending, in which he throws a wand to Daniel Radcliffe, helping him save the wizarding world. He reveals:

“We filmed the final scene of the Battle of Hogwarts. […] I’ve never been on the same set for so long. Era such an important scene who wanted to twist it in every way possible giving all eight films the climax they deserved. There were many moments that didn’t make it into the finished film, including a moment where Draco throws his wand at Harry for the final duel with Voldemort.

With humor, concludes Tom Felton “ Imagine that! There is footage somewhere that shows Draco saving everyone, but no one will ever see it. » If we would have liked to be able to celebrate the fall of Draco’s mask as we did with Snape, we can try to console ourselves by appreciating the scene in images:

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