According to Arcom, minors are increasingly frequenting pornographic sites

Nearly a third of under-18s spend more than fifty minutes a month on porn sites. Consumption more present in boys than in girls.

One third. This is the number of minors who consult at least one pornographic site each month, reveals a study by Médiamétrie commissioned by Arcom published on Thursday 25 May. An increase of 36% in five years, notes the agency.

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30% of minors watch pornography for more than 50 minutes a month

The survey reveals that 2.3 million minors, or 30% of them, are confronted with pornographic images for more than fifty minutes a month. Above all, there are 600,000 more minors since the autumn of 2017, when the measurement began on three screens (computer, smartphone, digital tablet). Thus, 83% of them view pornographic content exclusively on their phone, the study finds, versus 55% of adults.

mass consumption

Other significant data: by the age of 12, more than half of boys visit pornography sites on average every month. They spend an hour a month there. However, it would appear that the frequency of adolescent girls is lower. Up to the age of 11 it is considered unrepresentative. Among 12-13 year olds, 31% view pornographic images. numbers that diminish as they approach the majority.

Consumption that worries Arcom: “ We are indeed on a mass consultation of pornographic sites by minors, (…) which is mainly done on smartphones, i.e. out of sight of the parents “, alerted the organization toFrench media agency.

From there to talk about pornography addiction? “One cannot yet speak of dependence in the sense of international classifications, such as those of the World Health Organization, but one can speak of dependence from the moment in which consultation becomes daily “, said to Info France Anne Sixtine Perardelsexual and emotional life counselor. She advises parents to install parental filters on all screens in the house, but above all to start discussions about sex education with their children.

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