Bruno le Maire writes erotic novels to make ends meet?

Invited to the set of Quelle époque!, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire made the people in the villas cry (and not) by evoking his large family, battered by inflation. A comment that didn’t get through at all.

The surge in prices plunges more citizens every day into precariousness. According to the latest data from the Crédoc (Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions) 16% of the French have no more to eat due to inflation. But rest assured: they are not alone. Even Bruno Le Maire struggles to feed his 4 childrendespite a salary of 9,940 euros net per month.

“I have four children to feed »

In Léa Salamé’s programme, broadcast on Saturday 20 May, he defended the government’s economic strategies, counting on the empathy of his fellow citizens: ” I try to be honest, to pay attention to the lowest prices for the consumer. Because I myself have a large family ” he said, complaining ” pay a lot of pasta package prices “, which allows him to enter” perfectly that the prices have become unbearable for the French “.

A comparison that does not pass

Totally ignoring his privileges, the economy minister thus caused a stir by sketching a wholly shaky comparison between his situation and that of thousands of families suffering under the full force of the crisis. A surprising discrepancy, which many politicians were quick to point out:

A few weeks earlier Bruno le Maire had already made headlines on a completely different subject, that of his erotic writings: excerpts from his latest work had circulated massively on the networks, causing ridicule and disgust. An episode to which the Lfi deputy for Essonne, Farida Amrani, hastened to report, not without irony. Because times are tough for ministers too… 1 book bought, 1 package of pasta offered?

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