“How is Lech?”: Aiza-Liluna Ai talked about Guf’s health and his wife’s statements

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By the way, the whole family of rapper Guf is still in the limelight. About 10 days ago, the rapper created a scandal by posting videos on a banned social network in which he said something incomprehensible to subscribers and brought his wife to tears.

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After such an act of Alexei (rapper’s real name is Ed.), his wife Yulia first apologized to her fans for her husband’s behavior, and then posted a vague post on her Telegram channel in which she talked about some enemies.

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The ex-wife of the musician Aiza-Liluna Ai again answered the questions of the fans and said that Guf is already better, but the rapper needs to take his health seriously and take care of him, because he is very worried about the father of their joint son. The blogger was also asked what enemies Julia writes on the social network.

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“I don’t know what you wrote, but I’m definitely not an enemy. Yes, there are no enemies. Unfortunately, there is no one to blame, ”wrote Aiza-Liluna Ai. Then she shared a vague post on a banned social network and signed it: “When you realize that someone’s “truth” depends only on your silence.” The situation is of course confusing, but we hope that sooner or later everything will get better.

Recall that Alexey proposed to Yulia in October 2021. The couple legalized their relationship in December of the same year. And last spring, a long-awaited addition took place in their family: Yulia gave birth to a child. The happy event was announced by the couple on social networks, posting a touching photo with a newborn baby. They hid the baby’s gender for a while but later reported that they had a daughter. The baby was named Tina.

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