QUEERZ! TTRPG will let you play LGBTQ+ Sentai Adventures with the base PDF beta out now

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In the second half of 2021, Son of Oak Game Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for their QUEERZ! tabletop RPG. This is based on the QUEERZ! manga by ISA and the Fog city game system. If you know nothing about QUEERZ!it’s basically LGBTQ+ themed Power Rangers AND Sailor Moon from what I understood.

Mark Hamill and his return of the J…

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Mark Hamill and his Return of the Jedi helix lightsaber reunite in Pop Culture Quest Clip

You can now head over to the Kickstarter page to pre-order a copy if you are interested or they have also recently released the QUEERZ! TTRPG extension Basic PDF (affiliate link) on DriveThruRPG which is a beta version of the game. Inside are all the core rules players need as well as core rules for the Game Master, two complete adventures, pre-generated characters, and more.

The file will be updated constantly until the final version of the game is currently estimated to be available in April or May 2023.

In QUEERZ!, you and your friends will play superhero characters juggling everyday life and drama to save the world from ignorance, a dark glassy substance that blinds people to all the beauty and variety what life has to offer!

The Queerz take on those blinded by ignorance in flashy superpowered battles and use their rainbow empathy to break through ignorance and reach the person beyond. Then they enter inner space, a psychic dimension where they learn what has turned their enemy into a villain and help them see and accept all the colors of the rainbow. Queerz wins by turning villains into allies!

Like the manga, QUEERZ! combines exhilarating action with buoyant excitement and a message of radical acceptance, of finding a way to love ourselves and those who are different from us. Embrace your weirdness, whatever it is!

The DriveThruRPG PDF is available for $14.95.

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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