Burn after reading: 7 types of clothes that are hopelessly outdated

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There are things that are trending, there are things that will never go out of style, and there are things that are hopelessly outdated. And the best thing you can do with them is to say goodbye and get rid of them forever. By the way, on how to properly disassemble the wardrobe, we recently made a material. And given that the long-awaited spring is coming very soon (cold March does not count), everyone should review the archives of their closet.

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We propose to start the process with what we all miss in the three months of the cold season. Guess what? About the dresses, of course. And not about the simple ones, but about the hopelessly outdated ones.

We have collected in our material seven models that no longer have a place in life or in the wardrobe.

tent dress

Photo: social networks
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The tent dress is one of the main trends of the late 2000s. In 2007, it was frequently featured in the collections of brands, and star it-girls walked the streets of the fashion capitals of the world with their dimensionless designer creations with great pleasure. In 2019, the dress again entered the list of trends. True, only for one season. Now it is better to get rid of such a wardrobe item.

tutu dress

Kendall Jenner. Photo: social networks

This dress can only be worn if you were born in the mid-2010s. For everyone else, a crinoline skirt like Disney princesses and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City is absolutely contraindicated. The only exceptions are themed parties and matinees.

Doll Dress

Photo: social networks

Baby Doll is an explosive blend of childlike purity, the notorious barbicore and defiant femininity. This model has a high waist and a loose skirt. At zero, such dresses were worn by all famous young people. If you still have this item in your wardrobe, we highly recommend getting rid of it and replacing it with more up-to-date options. Slips, bandeau dresses and leather minis are at your disposal.

Dress Up the Basques

Charlize Theron. Photo: Getty Images

Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Charlize Theron have worn peplum dresses over the past decade. Peplum, a wide ruffle on the skirt, was used to accentuate the waistline and increase the hips. Beauty standards have changed a lot over the years, and now last season, dresses with this detailed look. If you still want to focus on the waist, we recommend that you look at models with a corset top.

knob dress

Selena Gomez. Photo: Getty Images

The peculiarity of this dress is an asymmetrical cut – the back is much longer than the front. This style was at the peak of popularity in the early 2010s, and to confirm this, you can open any history from the social events of that era. The mullet dress was used by stylists to emphasize the long legs of their wards but avoid vulgarity. But it’s out of fashion (and we’re very happy about it), and now you can focus on the figure with the help of a slit in the thigh.

sheath dress

Photo: social networks

The silhouette dress is still popular with women who follow the office dress code. And this is not surprising – it advantageously emphasizes the figure, without adding a drop of vulgarity. But there is one unpleasant one. The duet of such a dress with pumps on the heels is outdated, so all you can do is refuse it.

bandage dress

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images

Another dress that Kim Kardashian brought into fashion in the early 2010s. Then it was very sexy and (let’s not be afraid of that word) stylish. But now bandage dresses are more associated with vulgarity and the concept of “anti-trend”.

Source: People Talk

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