“I didn’t think The Voice would separate Bigflo and Oli”: Two brothers on the jury can’t agree on a talent, Zazie comes to the rescue!

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Things aren’t always smooth between The Voice’s sworn brothers Bigflo and Oli. Last night, the two singers couldn’t agree on a candidate’s fate during the blind auditions.

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Saturday, March 18, TF1 presented a new issue Sound. Coaches were once invited to recruit tomorrow’s talent during celebrity blind auditions.

Teams led by Zazie, Bigflo and Oli, Vianney and Amel Bent are taking shape and everyone is scrambling to find the best talent.

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Among the singers who came to try their luck against the coaches, the audience also encountered Nori. This 20-year-old young artist took the stage with a rock band. They took over one of Kendrick Lamar’s hits, “Humble.”

A performance that puts Bigflo and Oli duo, considered as one voice, into uncertainty. Faced with their indecision, Zazie gives them a “Let me see you”.

However, neither of the two brothers decided to ring the bell to return the chair. During an exchange with the young woman after the show, Bigflo balances with his brother: “But Oli, what happened to you today? (…) They did something original, it sends”

Olivio then explains the reasons for his indecision:I think I was so attached to this artist Kendrick Lamar that he has been one of my favorite artists for years, and I just couldn’t get away from him…”

A statement that adds a layer of difficulty to convince Flo: “You loved more. You were up and everything. I don’t understand. You suddenly said no”.

“I didn’t think it was The Voice that separated Bigflo and Oli. My brother doesn’t talk to me anymore, he doesn’t look at me anymore, there’s something. We’re not at that stage anymore”adds Florian.

Fortunately, thanks to Zazie’s intervention, the two made peace and were able to continue the show and the blind cast in good understanding and harmony…

Melissa Tella

Source: Programme Television

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