Donald Trump expects an arrest on Tuesday and calls for demonstrations from supporters

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Former President Donald Trump said he expected to be arrested Tuesday as part of the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation, while urging his supporters to protest the move.

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Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social that “illegal leaks” from the prosecutor indicated he was going to be arrested. “Protest, take back our nation!” he wrote in capital letters.

He did not specify what he was told about an indictment and possible charges, but his post comes amid reports his lawyers are preparing. Trump called prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s investigation a “fairy tale.”

The investigation in New York is believed to be related to so-called “hush” payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s lawyer told MSNBC that the payments were “not a crime” and that Trump was simply taking advice from his lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen. Cohen testified before a grand jury.

An impeachment trial against Trump would be unprecedented in American history. Richard Nixon faced possible criminal charges in connection with the Watergate scandal after he resigned from office in 1974, but was pardoned by his successor, President Gerald Ford.

Trump would also be indicted if elected president, and he could face further charges outside of New York.

Trump also faces possible charges from prosecutors in Fulton County, GA, over allegations that he and his supporters meddled in the 2020 election and the former president’s handling of classified documents found at his Florida residence.

If he is indicted and arrested, Trump is likely to seize the moment to bolster his claims that he has been unfairly targeted by state and federal prosecutors. While running for another presidential term, he described the attempt as politically motivated and promised retaliation if he returned to the White House. In a video he released last week, he also vowed to dismantle the federal government, the “deep state,” and said the biggest threat to Western civilization is not Russia, but “probably more than anything , ourselves.” and some of the terrible US . – Hate people who represent us.

Source: Deadline

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