Sheryl Underwood jokes she’s “almost a Kardashian baby” after dramatic 100-pound weight loss

Sheryl Underwood jokes she’s “almost a Kardashian baby” after dramatic 100-pound weight loss

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Sheryl Underwood celebrated the progress of her weight loss journey in a new interview with The messenger, published Wednesday 13 December. The 60-year-old comic and talk show host revealed she has lost 100 pounds and has a figure almost reminiscent of members of the Kardashian family. “I’m about three different sizes because I still have the swag. But here’s the bad part: do you know those girls have hourglasses? I’m almost in the hourglass. “I’m almost a Kardashian baby,” she told the outlet.

Sheryl revealed she lost weight by taking Wegovy, while also exercising and adopting a new, healthier lifestyle. She admitted that one of her most surprising side effects was that she “lost her shoe size,” going from a size eight or nine to a size seven or smaller.


While The conversation The co-host was clearly proud of her weight loss, admitting she’s shedding some of the clothes she loves. “The sad part [is that] All the clothes you love, you can’t wear them. Once my shoe fell off because I had a small foot. “I was trying to go out and my shoe fell off,” she explained.

Sheryl also told the outlet that she felt many celebrities weren’t “truthful” about their weight loss methods, which is why she was honest about using Wegovy. She also explained that she no longer takes type 2 diabetes medications for hypertension or high blood pressure. Despite the progress she’s made, Sheryl also said she planned to hit the gym to “tone up.”

Sheryl has been on her weight loss journey for over a year. She showed how far she’d come when she lost 40 pounds in a September 2021 interview. A month later, she turned 59 and lost 45 pounds while wearing a dress and a pair of high heels. The conversation for the first time since he began hosting in 2011.

Source: Hollywood Life

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